Financial Policies

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Olympia Obstetrics & Gynecology’s goal is to provide the best care for you including assistance in making financial arrangements. The following summarizes our insurance, credit and collections policies.

UPON SCHEDULING: You will be provided access to our on line patient portal. Completion of your on line Health History is required, prior to your first visit. An abbreviated version may be provided at future annual visits for update purposes.

UPON REGISTRATION: Each patient is asked to complete certain OOG paperwork. A copy of your primary and secondary insurance card, as well as a valid driver’s license will be required for you to be seen and for accuracy of insurance billing and verification of identification. You will be asked for this at each visit.

If you have been referred to this office by your primary care physician, and a prior authorization is necessary, it is your responsibility to bring that prior authorization with you. If you arrive without this information, you will be asked to sign a waiver and pay 50% of estimated allowable cost at the time of service, or your visit may be rescheduled.

Payment for any portion of patient services, that can be determined at check in or check out, is due at that time. We accept cash, check, VISA, American Express, Discover and Mastercard. A 30% cash discount applies to uninsured patient payments made at the time of service.

If you are not able to make payment in full, we may be able to work with you on a payment plan. Be sure to see our Financial Counselor to discuss specifics. If you are participating with Providence St Peter on a sliding scale program, you may also qualify at Olympia OB/GYN. Please ask our Practice Manager to contact you to discuss specifics.

For UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, non-emergent treatment will be denied unless charges have been preauthorized or paid for in advance. Minors must have their parent or guardian permission to use their insurance to pay for medical services.

INSURANCE CLAIMS FILING: Our office is able to assist you in working with your insurance company. We will file your primary and secondary insurance claims if an assignment of benefits is provided by you. If we are not contracted with your insurance, we usually can send a courtesy bill to your insurance company on your behalf. PLEASE NOTE THAT REGARDLESS OF INSURANCE COVERAGE, YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF ALL SERVICES RENDERED.

You may be billed for rejected claims if we are not able to meet your insurance company’s timeliness deadlines due to inaccurate information provided by you upon registration or if you fail to follow-up with us in a timely manner with updated insurance information.

Since plans have become increasingly complex, specific coverage issues should be addressed with your insurance company member services department – please call the number on the back of your insurance card.

OB PAYMENT PLANS: Obstetric patients are provided services over a six to seven month time frame. As you establish maternity care in the practice, your insurance coverage will be checked and a payment plan agreement will be established with you based on your level of deductible, co-insurance, amount of co-pay, etc. Payment from you is typically spread over the time frame services are provided. We will not bill global delivery fees until you deliver, but will bill non stress tests, ultrasounds, amniocentesis, and office visits for problems unrelated to pregnancies. We will apply prepayments to these amounts as the insurance processes them. If your insurance changes during your pregnancy, or you have satisfied your deductible (which would change the total amount owed), please speak with our OB Financial Counselor at your next visit, or call her at 360 292-4573. We can then make payment plan adjustments, or refunds, at that time, if appropriate.

STATEMENTS: You will receive regular statements from our office informing you of the status of your balance. Feel free to call our Business Office at 360-413- 8413 should you have any questions. All balances are due upon receipt of a statement. At the next statement date, balances are considered past due. If we do not receive payment in full after two months of statements, or in the event we are unable to locate you (i.e. mail returned), we reserve the right to refer your account to an outside collection agency where you will be responsible for any collection and/or legal fees. Unpaid balances are charged a 1.5% service charge. If we find your check is returned to us from your bank, a $30 fee will charged to your account.

If you are having a financial problem, the most important thing you can do is contact our Practice Financial Counselor, at 360 292-4579, make payment arrangements, and follow through on your promises. We provide reasonable payment plans designed to collect balances within a year.

SERVICES PROVIDED IN OUR OFFICE WITH THIRD PARTY BILLING: Lab Services and Radiology Reading fees may be billed separately, from third parties, such as PacLab, Labcorp, South Sound Radiology and/or Tacoma Radiology. We provide initial insurance information to them that you provide to us, but it your responsibility to send updates to them also. If you have a concern with one of these bills, please call the number on the billing statement, as we cannot make any changes or address service issues SERVICES PROVIDED AT HOSPITAL WITH THIRD PARTY BILLING: OOG will bill for services we directly provide such as deliveries, labor management, induction, c-sections, NST interpretations, surgical services including in house surgical assists (if applicable) and hospital visits. The facility you are at will bill their fees as well as anyone else providing professional services such as radiologist, anesthesiologist, laboratory fees, etc.

SURGICAL ASSISTANTS: Certain hospital procedures require a surgical assist. We cannot guarantee the assistant we use is contracted with your insurance company. During the process of working up your surgery authorization, be sure to ask if an assist is needed for your procedure, who it will be, and if they are contracted with your plan. If they are not, their bills are generally processed on an out of network basis. We reserve the right to change assists, as needed, to accommodate schedules, knowing that patient safety must come first.